Multi-day Tours. Less driving = more exploring.

Driving one way and then overnighting gives us more flexibility, and a greater opportunity to discover each separate destination.

Multi-Day Tours are always custom tours, so no two tours are ever the same. They will always be planned according to your interests and wishes.

Bavaria, and central Europe pretty much anywhere, offers so much incredible beauty. I remember being completely stunned almost every time I looked anywhere my first time here. Doing day tours based out of Munich is such a fabulous way to experience this beautiful place. And there are so many destinations that are quickly reachable from Munich. Obviously anywhere in the city itself, as well as nearby locations like the Dachau concentration camp, the Andechs brewery and monastery, and so much more.

There are places that involve a bit more of a drive, but what a drive it is, through the beautiful Bavarian countryside, or the Bavarian alps. Places like the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Linderhof Palace, Oberammergau, Füssen, the Wies church of the meadows, Nuremberg, Rothenburg and so much more.

But so many locations are not possible to do in a day tour, or not possible to really experience them. For example, the Black Forest, the German wine regions, any southern Austrian city like Vienna, most of Switzerland, and so on. And this is where a custom multi-day tour comes in. There is no set itinerary for this tour because it will be the itinerary you want. But there are some classic two-day tours, like combining the towns of Nuremberg and Rothenburg as a two-day trip with an overnight in Rothenburg. This allows us to add more time in destinations we may use as a driving break like Dinkelbühl, but also allows us to add places like Bamberg, or perhaps Nördlingen, both beautiful medieval villages. We spend more time at each destination and less time in the car per day, as our journey is always one-way.

Of course, the journey does not have to be restricted to two days or the above-mentioned destinations. I am happy to help customize a tour that is custom-made according to your interests and wishes. I have done tours lasting almost two weeks and covering an itinerary that went from Italy to Berlin, with many stops in between. I am more than willing to go to places I have not been to before if you want to do a longer stretch and would prefer just one driver and guide. I will do research ahead of time to have some foreknowledge, but we can also discover places together. And I can happily combine places I know well with places I have not been to before. It is all up to your desired itinerary.

Of course, I always offer my flexibility, everything from a planned and set itinerary to a spontaneous plan-as-we-go adventure. I have a very comfortable Mercedes van (click here) that seats 7 passengers. However, with luggage, the capacity for passengers will be reduced to 4 or 5, depending on how much luggage you will have. Please message me for more details on this.

Just to give you some ideas of what a multi-day itinerary could look like (and this is only one of many):

    • Day 1: I pick you up at the airport in Salzburg. We see the Eaglesnest with an overnight in Salzburg
    • Day 2: See more of Salzburg, then drive to Innsbruck. Overnight in Innbruck
    • Day 3: Drive to the Neuschwanstein castle, visit the castle, then continue on to Munich. Discover the old town and spend the night in Munich.
    • Day 4: Drive to Nuremberg, WWII history, and the old town. Continue on to Rothenburg. Spend the night.
    • Day 5:Explore Rothenburg, then visit the town of Dikelsbühl and the Harburg fortress on the way to Munich.

Of course, we can do day 6, day 7 and so on. The possibilities are endless and only restricted to your wishes and interests.

Multi-day tours involve overnighting. They can combine destinations that are not all singularly reachable as a standard day tour, and can be as many days as you like.

I can combine tours in my standard offer, but I can add places that I may not know. This enables you to visit any destination you want. I will always do research in advance on places I have not been to before. Please message me for more details.

Multi-day tours have the same flexibility as all my tours. We can take spontaneous breaks, photo stops, or coffee/snack breaks, as you like. All itineraries will be flexible and changeable, if possible and so desired.

The number of travelers will depend on luggage. I have a Mercedes van, and I can normally get luggage for 4 or 5 passengers, and perhaps 6 if the luggage is very small (hand luggage). I will always book a hotel near yours, so please always let me know where you are whenever you have a hotel booked so I can get a place near you.

An overview of a standard day in a Multi-Day tour.

  • Door-To-Door service. You are picked up and dropped back off at your hotel or address (AirBnB, private lodging, etc.). or I meet you by foot at your hotel, depending on our daily itinerary.
  • The tour each day begins around 8:30-9 am, but this can be arranged any way you like.
  • The tour ends around 6:30 pm.
  • The tour has a total duration of 9 1/2 to 10 hours. Duration begins at pick-up and ends at drop-off.
  • All vehicle costs and parking fees are included.
  • Lunch options are always available and flexible.
  • If tickets must be secured in advance, I will make these arrangements.
  • Some multi-day tour destinations involve more travel time. We will discuss options for such travel days in advance, should the need occur.